5.48 lbs of Pyrolytic Graphite Pieces Lot 13

Item: 4250

** This product is no longer available **


  • 5.48 lbs of pyrolytic graphite pieces left over from prototyping the Tore Supra tokomak

Pyrolytic graphite is a unique form of carbon manufactured by chemical vapor deposition via pyrolysis of a hydrocarbon gas at very high temperature in a vacuum furnace. Chemical vapor deposition results in a layered structure that causes pyrolytic graphite to have thermal conductivity almost as high as copper along the plane of the plate while acting as a thermal insulator across its thickness.

Pyrolytic graphite has excellent resistance to agressive plasmas including halogen etch plasmas used in semiconductor processing. Pyrolytic graphite offers the lowest sputtering erosion rate of any material used to construct ion grids.


  • Stable to 3000 °C
  • Impermeable
  • Chemically inert
  • High purity
  • Anisotropic electrical and thermal characteristics
  • Self-lubricating
  • Non-dusting
  • Low etch rate
  • Low metallic impurities


  • Sputtering targets
  • Ion beam grids
  • Ion implantation hardware
  • Liquid phase epitaxy hardware
  • Heat sinks
  • Heater Elements


Weight 5.48 lb
Retail Price $3,589.82