A.G. Davis / AA Gage Ultradex 12 Inch Heavy Duty Style B 360 Division ...

A.G. Davis/AA Gage Ultradex 12 Inch Heavy Duty Style B 360 Division Indexing Table A.G. Davis/AA Gage Ultradex 12 Inch Heavy Duty Style B 360 Division Indexing Table

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This is an A.G. Davis/AA Gage Ultradex heavy duty 12 inch Model B, 360 division, indexing table with out-board rear bearing for increased vertical loads and user manual.

The Ultradex System

Ultradex indexing tables are designed for precision machining, inspection, assembly, and other applications where absolute rotary positioning accuracies of ±1/8 arc second are required, with repeatable accuracies to ±1/20 arc second.

The heart of an Ultradex indexing table consists of a pair of ground and lapped, serrated master plates. These two plates mate together for positive locking and positioning. All serrations are engaged during each setting, forming almost a solid column of steel. Because of this positive engagement, minute surface irregularities tend to lap themselves toward zero. Ultradex tables are manufactured to be accurate to within 1/4 second of arc initially, but the accuracy actually increases with use.

Besides phenomenal accuracy, Ultradex tables feature speed and simplicity of operation. No special skills are required for manual indexing, which requires only three seconds position-to-postion. In addition, the highly-dependable and positive locating mechanism of Ultradex tables eliminates the need for lining up graduated lines and reading them optically to assure location.

12 in Style B Table

The popular 12 in Ultradex offers a wide variety of uses in both the machining operations and inspection fields with the same phenomenal accuracy. May be used either in a horizontal or vertical position with ±1/8 arc second arc second accuracy.


  • All teeth are engaged at each locked position, so that table position
    is determined by average of thousands of inclined surfaces in contact

  • Each mating set of teeth approaches zero error in positioning as
    irregularities of surface, form and spacing are lapped away with
    continued use.

  • Concentricity and parallelism of each set of serrations and between
    pairs is maintained by special structural features and manufacturing
    procedures developed by AA Gage

  • Absolute repeatability and absence of drift are dependent only upon
    reasonable control of environment

  • Required angle is established exclusively by the selection of tooth
    positions —no gage blocks, optical devices, mechanical indicators,
    or micrometer adjustments are required

  • Table is positioned at any angle, with speed and accuracy,
    without special skill, "feel", or training of the operator

  • Each combination of tooth numbers in upper and lower sets of teeth
    determines a unique angular position of the table -there are no
    redundant tooth position combinations which produce the same table
    position as some other combination

  • Running seal to minimize the entrance of chips, dirt, and other foreign

  • Table top drilled and tapped with 1/4-20 holes

  • All contact making parts are hardened and ground steel


  • Guidance system calibration
  • Checking and calibrating accelerometers
  • Precision machining
  • Jig boring
  • Jig grinding
  • In-process gaging
  • Part inspection

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Swing Over Base Diameter 18 in
Table Top Flatness 0.0001 in
Number of Divisions 360
Load Capacity (Horizontal) 300 lb
Table Size 12 in
Accuracy ±1/8 arcseconds
Load Capacity (Vertical) 65 ft·lb
Repeatability ±1/40 arcseconds
Concentricity (Clamped Position) 0.000012 in
Parallelism (table top to pitch line of teeth) 0.000050 in
Parallelism (table top to bottom of base) 0.0001 in
Retail Price $51,058.23