CI Systems NTM1 Optical Noncontact Temperature Monitor Pyrometer for Wafer ...

CI Systems NTM1 Optical Noncontact Temperature Monitor Pyrometer for Wafer Processing CI Systems NTM1 Optical Noncontact Temperature Monitor Pyrometer for Wafer Processing

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** This product is no longer available **

CI Semi's NTM1 is an electro-optical temperature monitor based on the measurement of temperature-dependent optical characteristics of semiconductor wafers.

The NTM1 can be used both for research and development and during processing and fabrication of microelectronic/optoelectronic devices, without contacting the wafer or contaminating the process environment.

The system includes two alternative measurement modes, active and passive.

Active channel

The active channel of the NTM1 relies on the detection of the temperature-dependent wavelength shift in the optical absorption edge of the substrate. The position of the edge is measured by either transmission or reflection spectroscopy.

Passive channel

The passive channel of the NTM1 is an emissivity and background compensated pyrometer. The emissivity is extracted from the active channel reflectivity measurement.


  • In-situ, noncontact monitoring.
  • Active channel temperature measurement for transparent wafers.
  • Passive channel temperature measurement for opaque wafers.
  • The active mode has high level background immunity, a definite advantage over conventional pyrometers
  • Temperature measurement starting below room temperature.
  • Reflection/trasmission options,for maximum interfacing flexibility.
  • IEEE-48/RS-232/Analog output data downloading options available, enabling use of the system for closed loop control.
  • Real time near IR spectral reflectometry and radiometry options - for R&D purposes.


MBE - both for R&D purposes and for device fabrication (including closed loop control). PVD,HDP-CVD, Etch and other semiconductor processes - for equipment and process development and IC production.

Please note the older software included requires DOS 5.0 and 900 kB extended memory. Included in this sale are an electronics module, which has a GPIB communication port, an optical head, all associated cables and fiber optics, and a software package consisting of the NTM1 transmission databases version C, the NTM1 software version 6.1, and the NTM1 software version 6.2.


Temperature range (active channel) 0-600°C for Si Substrates; 0-700°C for GaAs, InP & CdTe Substrates
Temperature range (passive channel) 200-900°C for Highly doped/ opaque substrates; 450-900°C for Lightly doped substrates
Repeatability 2 °C
Sampling Rate (Maximum) 1 kHz
Temperature Range 0 to 900 °C