DuPont Vespel SP-3 15% Molybdenum Disulfide Filled Polyimide Bar ...

Item: 4153

** This product is no longer available **


  • 1 piece of DuPont Vespel SP-3 left over from prototyping the Tore Supra tokomak

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Vespel SP-3 is an advanced polyimide filled with 15% molybdenum disulfide for wear and friction resistance in vacuum and other moisture-free environments where graphite becomes abrasive and other lubricants outgas. Typical applications of Vespel SP-3 include seals, bushings, bearings, gears, and other wear surfaces in outer space, ultra-high vacuum or dry gas applications.


Thickness 0.25 in
Width 0.36 in
Length 6.80 in
Retail Price $140.76