E2T Optical Pyrometer Pulsar II 7000-GP

Item: 3229

** This product is no longer available **

This is an E2T Pulsar II optical pyrometer model 7000-GP. Mikron E2T products are now manufactured by LumaSense Technologies. The PULSAR II 7000 series Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometer is a powerful process control tool. It can measure temperature through flame, glass, plastics, and a variety of gases without affecting the reading, or, alternatively, it can measure the temperature of these and many other items. Because contact with the object being measured is not required, it can measure the temperature of moving products, hazardous or corrosive materials, extremely high temperatures and very small specimens. It has a temperature range from 150 - 1650°C.


Temperature range (active channel) 150 - 1650 °C