ENI Plasmaloc Power Generator PL-2HF

ENI Plasmaloc Power Generator PL-2HF ENI Plasmaloc Power Generator PL-2HF

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** This product is no longer available **

This is an ENI PL-2HF Plasmaloc Power Generator with operation and service manual.

The Plasmaloc 2-HF is a versatile source of high frequency energy suitable for generating a gas plasma in such applications as plasma etching, deposition, and sputtering.

The unit is capable of producing up to 1400 watts of power into an extremely wide variety of paralleled plate reactor configurations.

Impedance matching between the Plasmaloc 2-HF and the gas plasma is accomplished by a built-in variable tap transformer network.

True average plasma power (load power) as well as the power leaving the generator (forward power) is accurately measured and displayed on the front panel meter (0 to 2000 watts). These power levels are converted to a calibrated 1.00 volt per kilowatt (±1% accuracy) and may be displayed digitally by connecting a 3 1/2 digit (1.999 volt full scale) panel meter or used by other circuitry in the reactor to monitor power levels.

Plasma power level is controlled by either the front panel level control or may be controlled by an analog voltage (0 to 10 volts) generated by an external computer controlled source in the reactor system. The Plasmaloc 2-HF power output is leveled and held constant on either the forward power or the load power (switch selectable). In the load power level position the unit will supply a constant plasma power regardless of changes in the load impedance occurring in the plasma reactor. In the forward power position the Plasmaloc 2-HF will supply a fixed forward power and will allow the plasma power to vary as a function of its load impedance.

This completely solid state unit is designed to operate reliably under all operating conditions. Built-in protection circuitry allows up to 250 watts of reflected power to be dissipated in the unit and built-in temperature monitors continuously sense fault conditions which are indicated by the front panel overheat light.

Extensive safety features in the unit protect operating and maintenance personnel from contact with hazardous potentials. The use of plug-in modules as well as 100% socketed transistors and integrated circuits facilitates servicing and maintenance. The Plasmaloc 2-HF operates from any 115 VAC ±8%, 50 to 60 Hz line source with a capacity of 35 amperes. It may be rack mounted into any standard 19 inch relay rack or used as a free standing unit.

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Output Impedance Range 50-600 Ω
Output Power 1.4 kW
Frequency Range 100-450 kHz
AC Input Power 115V at 50-60 Hz
Output Connector Type N