Heath Consultants Sure-Lock All-Pro

Item: 2456

** This product is no longer available **

This is a Sure-Lock All-Pro locator, including receiver, transmitter, carrying case, and battery charger.

The Sure-Lock® All Pro is “plug and play” with no programming required. The All Pro model was designed with a focus on increasing locating accuracy and productivity. The All Pro consists of an integrated receiver and transmitter which allows you to configure the optimal frequency to best locate all underground utilities more quickly and more reliably; even hard to locate utilities.

The All Pro offers a broad spectrum of frequencies ranging from 8.1K to 480 kHz. This range, which accommodates audio, radio and ultra-high frequencies, allows you to easily search for your target conductor like cable and insulated pipe. The All Pro even finds poor conductors such as bare steel, cast iron, unbonded cable, broken tracer wire and helps verify dead end utilities.

A unique feature of the All Pro is “continuous depth” readings. No need to press a button for your depth, a depth reading is continually displayed on the receiver as you near the target conductor.

Only the All Pro can provide you multi-frequency technology in a simple two-button operation, allowing your field technicians to become expert locators more quickly.


Active Frequencies 8.1 K, 81K hertz with Depth& Left-Right 480 K hertz without Depth or Left-Right
Passive Frequencies 50-60 hertz without Depth or Left-Right
Dynamic Range 124 dB
Depth Range 24 ft
Output Jacks Multi jacking. Single and mixed frequencies available on individual output jacks.
Output Mode Conductive and/or Inductive. Conductive Mode compatible with “live” conductors carrying up to 240 VAC, 50-60 hertz.
Output Power Variable from 0.6-3 watts with automatic load matching. Loads may vary from 5 to 10,000 ohms.
Retail Price $3,600.00