Hofstra Group In-Line High Voltage Picosecond Divider Probe

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The 4177 in-line high voltage picosecond divider probe is used for measuring challenging high speed waveforms. Unlike attenuators, this probe picks off a small part of the high voltage waveform while allowing the rest to pass through undistorted.


  • In-line high voltage picosecond divider probe
  • Calibration data


  • Monitoring high power UWB radar
  • Impulse Radiating Antenna testing
  • Impulse radar
  • Characterizing high voltage pulse generators
  • Monitoring Pockels cells
  • Gated image intensifiers
  • Streak cameras

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Nominal capacitive voltage division ratio (TV/V·s) 2
Maximum Voltage 4 kV
Rise Time 25 picoseconds
Output Connector SMA
HV Connector N